ABOVE: If someone told you to jump off a bridge for Robby Benson, would ya? BELOW: Keep reading for Gus Kenworthy’s lack of regret, back-to-back celebrity deaths, gay mags of the week and more … (Image by Dylan Perlot for GT) GT: For his second Gay Times cover story, Gus Kenworthy says he has zero regrets about coming out, noting his fears that it would affect his athletic career were unfounded: It’s scary being the first [to come out] — I was the first in my entire sport — but a lot of my fears were unfounded.

Cover boy (Image by Hugo Yanguela for Metro Weekly) KENNETH IN THE (212): All the queer mags of the week. EXTRATV: Nick Jonas is now someone’s dad.

Now entering paradise (GIF via GIPHY) GR8ERDAYS: Rock icon Meat Loaf has died at 74. It’s sad how far right he went as time went on — he was anti-vax (and died of COVID-19), called Greta Thunberg a dirty name (cunt?