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George Michael was thrilled that Prince George shared his name.

The late music legend – who died aged 53 in December 2016 – was still alive when The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge revealed the moniker they had chosen for their first-born son and future king, who was born in July 2013, and he was over the moon that they are both Georges that he jumped on the sofa and cheered.

The ‘Last Christmas’ hitmaker’s former Wham! backing vocalist, Shirlie Holliman of Pepsi and Shirlie fame, told OK! Magazine: “I was with George when Prince William and Kate Middleton named their son George.

“We had the news on and George just stood up on the sofa and started cheering.

“He was so happy he shared the same name.”

Shirlie went to school with George, 60, and recalls him being a geek in glasses, the complete opposite of herself.

She recalled: “I remember George so distinctly.

“He carried his violin case everywhere and wore glasses – he was really geeky.

“I didn’t really connect with him because I was fashionable and punky.”

Shirlie and Helen ‘Pepsi’ DeMacque were George’s backing vocalists in the 80s, and went on to form the duo Pepsi and Shirlie in 1985.

Shirlie was the first person George came out as gay to.

She remembered: “We were in Ibiza making ‘Club Tropicana’ at Pikes Hotel and we were walking along the road.

“He had his little white shorts on and a little T-shirt and he was going, ‘I really need to tell you something.’

“I was so worried as he’d gone all serious and he said, ‘It’s about my sexuality – I’m gay. I think I prefer me.’

“It didn’t bother me but it was such a big deal for him. I feel guilty sometimes that I didn’t take it more seriously.”