Gemma Collins has had £160 worth of wrinkle injections to look more “youthful” and smooth out any puckering on her face.The 40-year-old TOWIE legend took to her Instagram Stories on Monday to show the process of having ‘mesofiller’ injections to her 2.2 million followers.The Essex star had the beauty treatment done at the Orocum Clinic in Crouch End, North London.In the Instagram video Gemma said: “I feel like it’s a full moon tonight guys, so you’ve just got to do everything self-care.

I had reflexology today. Everything to kind of keep you on the level when a full moon is happening.”Gemma added: “What’s so great about this new treatment is it’s not filler, it’s not Botox, it keeps you looking youthful.

Which, guys, we all want that now. That nice, youthful look without looking pumped up, filled up.”She then penned alongside the video of herself: “So check it out.