Related: 16 Queer Photos of the L.A. Dodgers Celebrating 9th Annual Pride NightIn the video accompanying the post, Sherman and his father go out on the field to place the bases.

As they walk out, the announcer says, “Happy Pride Blue Jays fans! …If you turn your attention to first base, we’re excited to be joined by Damnit Maurie, of The Roz & Mocha Show and his proud dad Frank J.

Sherman. They have the very special honor of installing the pride faces tonight. What a special moment.”After some difficulty putting the base on first, the two get the base in place.“I’m glad we’re able to do this together,” Frank says. “This is really something special.”Choking back tears, Sherman tells his father, “I just want to say that you’re one of the greatest dads ever to do something like this with me.” Last year, Sherman wrote in an op-ed in The Advocate how at first his dad wasn’t very supportive when he came out.“I think the reasons for that that fell under lack of knowledge at the time.