won’t accept is “personal attacks about me.”The individual, identified as Stephen LaFrance in the email, sarcastically wrote “Nice job,” followed by a homophobic slur.

He added that his “power” was out for “3 hours,” despite a “30% chance of rain,” as if that somehow warrants the hateful email.

In addition to drawing attention to the blatant homophobia that still exists around the world, Bernard took the insult with a quip response:“By the way the word faggot has two G’s.” Following an outpouring of love and support for Bernard, the meteorologist shared that he’s “doing ok,” as a result of his supportive network of friends, family and viewers. “Being an out gay man in public has had its struggles especially 30 years ago when I got into television but because of the support of so many family members, friends and people like you it has gotten much easier,” he wrote in a comment on the Facebook post.Bernard, however, reminded his followers that not all LGBTQ+ people are blessed with a supportive network.“Comments like the one in the email are like a death by a thousand cuts for those that don’t have that support network in place,” he said.The weatherman took the opportunity to share that he donated to the Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to suicide prevention and crisis intervention among LGBTQ+ youth, and encouraged others to do the same.“I invite you to do the same or to any other organization that helps those who have less or are made to feel they are less.”  .