u/SoWhatDidIMiss, 35–39 years old—u/Prince_Marth, 35–39 years old—u/free_range_celery, over 30 years old—u/roferg69, 40–44 years old—u/armh1313″Maybe you want monogamy.

Maybe you want an open relationship. Maybe you want to be single. It takes kissing a lot of frogs, and froggy situations, to determine what’s best for you.

So go out, kiss a lot of men, and some frogs, and figure out what is best for you.” —u/sandia312—deleted—u/PikesDad, 55–59 years old—u/FloridAsh, 35–39 years old—u/Jfathomphx, 35–39 years old—u/ianwasted30, 35–39 years old—u/Turbojugend-berserk, over 30 years old”Go on one date a week if you can afford it.