US president Donald Trump’s ban on flying of the Pride flag at American embassies angered many in the LGTBQI+ community, but perhaps none were more inventive with their anger than YouTuber and activist Elijah Daniel.

Known for his hijinks, Daniel described a decision to buy the town of Hell in Michigan as a form of protest against Trump’s decision to disallow the flying of the rainbow flag at US embassies, overturning the practice set out by former president Barack Obama during his tenure in the White House.

Hell will be officially known as Gay Hell, Michigan, once Daniel’s purchase of the town, which was selling for an asking price of around $1 million, goes through. Daniel has announced that in the town – which has already garnered some attention due to its unusual name, and also features a wedding chapel for visitors that would like to “get married in Hell” – the only flag that would be allowed to be flown would be the pride flag, but later stated that he would not ban the flying of the American flag in Gay Hell.

The YouTuber and comedian grew up near Hell in what he calls “a very religious family”, and said that his decision to buy the town was to send a message to young children who are growing up like he did that its okay to be gay. Daniel’s audience is mostly made up of 15 to 24-year-olds.

Daniel does something to mark Pride every year, and rewrote the Bible in 2017 “to make it gay”.

Daniel’s tweet announcing the name change of Hell was liked more than 300,000 times and shared by close to 67,000 people.