Admitting you have a ghosting problem is the first step, right? A self-described “serial ghoster,” whom we’ll nickname Casper, recently became aware of his bad habit and asked fellow members of Reddit’s r/askgaybros community for help changing his ways.Casper wrote:I only now just realized I am a serial ghoster.

It was only after a guy called me out on my bullsh*t, and after ghosting so many guys on Grindr just for the validation that they would have potentially hooked up with me, that I realized that I am a coward and have a ghosting problem.

For too long I have felt that ghosting was the easy way out, and that since I was being ghosted, it was okay to ghost others. [Are] there any tips anyone has to help me get over my fears of confrontation and just being more mature in general?Some responses were direct and blunt: “Ghosting is the easy way out.