South Florida Gay News.“I wanna see you get smoked so bad and you’re going to too,” a man said during the two-minute message, which included threats and several homophobic slurs.“I’m not afraid of you homosexuals,” he said, reports the outlet. “It disgusts me.

Pervert!”The assemblyman has given the tape to local authorities.“This is the reality of what the race is and he is just the one who is willing to say it,” Constant said. “Just know this, this is what makes me strong, we make the difference for all the kids coming forward in a world that is not going to be like this anymore.” He told SFGN, “People don’t realize how much risk there is in this job especially for a queer.”Constant has been a target for anti-LGBTQ+ people before.

In September 2021, a local antimask activist called Constant a “cocksucker” during an assembly meeting.At the meeting, many residents who opposed the city’s proposed mask mandate spoke to the council.