Adult performer Cole Connor was attacked and mugged by a group of men early Sunday morning in Hollywood.Connor, who appears on OnlyFans and in Falcon Studios productions, took to social media to share details of the harrowing event.Connor says he was going to fetch his ID from a friend’s car when the attack took place.

Upon reaching the vehicle, the men insisted it was their car and started beating him.In a video posted shortly after the attack with the caption “Stage 1 in getting over bad sh*t that happens to you: Sarcasm”, Connor said:“They thought it was their car, so obviously when I unlocked it with the keys that my friend gave me and opened the door, they totally should have attacked me and almost killed me with a bat.

I would have done the same thing!”Stage 1 in getting over bad shit that happens to you: Sarcasm ?— Cole Connor (@coleconnorxx) January 17, 2022“Not my prettiest picture, but I’m okay,” Cole captioned an Instagram photo of his bruised face. “Thanks for the love and support.