As Africa’s only online LGBTQ+ radio platform, GaySA Radio has as one of its core aims to support all Pride events in South Africa and indeed the African continent. Pride events are an important tool for visibility and activism and have been used very successfully in the past to bring LGBTQ+ people together and create awareness.


It is for this reason that during 2019/2020, GaySA Radio is implementing its plan to support African Prides. This means that the various GaySA Radio platforms are available free of charge to promote the events and share content with their supporters. GaySA Radio has many ways to get the message across, which include its live stream, website, social media pages and other digital portals. Not only will the Prides be able to advertise their events freely through GaySA Radio, but they will also be able to contribute content around the issues they experience in the various communities they find themselves in. In this way the visibility created by Pride events can be spread far and wide through the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.


Supporting all Prides has always been a priority for GaySA Radio, and for this reason (and because GaySA Radio is situated in Pretoria) the team has been very active in Pretoria Pride so as to test various theories and plans. Through the practical experience gained, GaySA Radio has now formulated what they see as a sustainable plan to spread the support to whichever Pride requires it, building on the valuable lessons learned through practical experience.


So far it has been very difficult to physically attend all the Prides, as the GaySA Radio team is very small and has limited capacity. This is a situation that will start changing in 2019/2020 when small teams will be deployed to attend Prides and over the years increase their presence at more events. By attending Prides and networking with LGBTQ+ people in their area, a network will be established with individuals at grassroots level and through the new Digital Presenters project ensure that local LGBTQ+ news and events are reported on.


GaySA Radio calls on the organisers of all Prides in South Africa (and Africa) who want to make use of this opportunity to make contact well in advance so as to make all the necessary arrangements timeously. You can make contact through the GaySA Radio email.


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