Happy birthday, Kingston Levy Vigneron! Celebrity chef Marcel Vigneron and his wife, Lauren Rae Levy Vigneron, put on quite the celebration for their rainbow baby’s first birthday!

The “Kingston Of The Jungle” theme was expertly pulled off by event planner Stephanie Armenta of Play Play Zone Events, and inspired by the decor in the 1-year-old’s room. “As a part of our night time routine, we say goodnight to each animal in his room, starting with Mr. & Mrs.

Giraffe, and working our way around the room, so when I spoke with Stephanie, I told her which animals he was familiar with from his bedroom and she made sure to incorporate them,” explained Lauren, a licensed real estate agent and stylist. “I thought having familiar animals and things around him would make the day most special for him.” The event took place at a beautiful park surrounded by mountains, in Malibu, California, which is home to the Levy Vigneron family.