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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t appear to know who the richest man in the world is. The Republican politician proved just that when he responded to Elon Musk‘s support, calling the Tesla billionaire an African American.

FYI — Musk, 50, is white and from South Africa.

DeSantis’ blunder happened after the Space X founder tweeted that he voted Republican for the first time and was leaning towards supporting the governor for president in 2024.

“Massive red wave in 2022,” Musk wrote on Wednesday after telling his followers he checked the box for Mayra Flores.


When asked if he’d continue to vote red, Musk — whose net worth is around $219 billion — said he’s not committing yet. “Tbd,” he responded. That’s when another follower questioned who he was leaning toward as the next President of the United States.

“DeSantis,” Musk tweeted. When DeSantis heard the news, he was flattered; however, his response left many people shaking their heads in disbelief.

“I’m focused on 2022,” DeSantis, who has not confirmed if he plans to run, responded. But no one was ready for what he said next.


“But with Elon Musk, what I would say is, I welcome support from African Americans, what can I say?” he added. While some thought the slip was hilarious, others took offense and let their disapproval be known, including The View co-host Ana Navarro and MSNBC host Joy Reid, both Black women.

“Is there a joke somewhere in here? I don’t get it,” Navarro said. “If [sic] said before that @GovRonDeSantis is a humorless, more openly fascist version of Trump. Here he is displaying the former quality in that for him, ‘humor’ means mocking Black Americans with his own, idiotic and offensive version of replacement theory. Black Floridians take note,” Reid tweeted.


CNN legal analyst Norm Eisen also addressed DeSantis’ comment, writing, “I understand the ugliness of what he‘s doing here because I am a member of a minority too. We are not a punch line & neither are Black Americans. Jokes about skin color & physical features have no place. This is sick.”

At the time of this post, Musk has not responded to the politician’s gaffe.