Fire Island — at a Saks Fifth Avenue Pride event, I was seized by cliché and immediately asked if there would be a sequel.“The studio is very happy with the response, and there is a demand for it,” Booster told me, “but I’m not sure.

If the idea came, I’d jump at the chance to work with this cast and [director] Andrew Ahn again, but also, I don’t want to force it.

Some sequels are great, but others aren’t, and I don’t want to be in that pantheon.”“I agree,” I deadpanned. “I mean, Basic Instinct 2 is amazing, but The Godfather II is terrible!”He laughed and was about to name a sequel he thinks is stinky-poo-poo, then stopped and muttered, “I don’t want to say it.”“OK, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous, right?” I chimed in.“Aaaanyway, what are you giving up for Pride month?” I wondered intently.“Giving up?” Booster asked.“Yeah, “I said. “Isn’t it sort of like Lent?”“Well,” the funny man gamely replied, “I’m giving up a lot of sleep and a lot of water.