What Is The Frequency?

GaySA Radio is an online radio station. That means it is broadcasting on the internet.

It does not have a frequency on the radio because the department of Communications is years behind with digital migration. For this reason, ICASA is not issuing licenses at present and probably will not for the next 3 – 5 years.

We cannot get a license at present even, if we wanted to. For this reason, we are an internet based station. This means we are not restricted by licensing rules and regulations and we can broadcast freely without restrictions. We think it is important to have this freedom, when it comes to LGBTI issues, as we can talk freely about issues that are not covered anywhere else on radio or television.

Once licenses become available, we will apply, but this is most probably still a few years into the future.

You can listen to GaySA Radio on your PC/laptop at here. You can also listen on your smartphone by downloading the app; it only used about 30Mb per hour to stream.

How Many Listeners Do You Have?

GaySA Radio receives detailed statistics from its internet stream provider. The statistics are released every month and include the number of clients, hours streamed and the number of times clients stream the broadcast.

These statistics are published every month on all our social media sites as well as the blog.

Why Is GaySA Radio Not On The DSTV Audio Bouquet?

DSTV has refused to give GaySA Radio an audio channel.

How Do I Volunteer at GaySA Radio?

GaySA Radio has a number of unpaid volunteers who make this service possible.

Most people want to be presenters, but it takes a number of behind the scenes positions to make this service possible.

GaySA Radio has regular intakes for new volunteers, keep your eye on our Facebook Page for the next one and note all the requirements on the events page.

Does GaySA Radio Do Sponsorships?

GaySA Radio does not sponsor cash or provide monetary sponsorships for events or organisations.

You are welcome to approach us for on-air exposure for your event, email a full proposal including how it will benefit GaySA Radio.

Suggestions & Complaints

If you have any suggestions or complaints, please contact Livio

Station Manager
1001 Pretorius Street
Hatfield, Pretoria 0186

Email: Info@gaysaradio.co.za

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