Kamala Harris became the latest focal point in this battle after she spoke at a White House meeting with disability rights campaigners.The ClaimA series of tweets, posted on July 26, 2022 show a video of Harris introducing herself to a White House audience and announcing her gender identity, pronouns, and what she was wearing.VP: “I am Kamala Harris, my pronouns are she and her, and I am a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit.” pic.twitter.com/gtBXTyHB4jHer comments were widely shared and mocked by right-leaning Twitter users, which received thousands of engagements in the process.What in the 200 genders and 99 ProNouns is going on with Kamala Harris.

Who’s ProuNouns are Better , Mine or Theirs ?https://t.co/PBBRVATOJ1 pic.twitter.com/YdNEMXzg6JThe only pronouns Kamala Harris needs to worry about are “inflation” and “gas prices”.Kamala announcing her pronouns.

Totally necessary & sane behaviour. pic.twitter.com/VpLi0uWixGKamala Harris is the DUMBEST Person Alive. Prove me wrong pic.twitter.com/W7x86GfYSzThe FactsConversations on pronoun use are a common point of criticism for conservatives.