she was in love with a woman earlier this year, later sharing that she met pianist Yoana when she was learning about classical music.Shetold that Yoana was ‘the one for life’, and this is the first time she feels ‘truly like myself’.Now, Emelie has divulged more deets about their adorable romance, overjoyed to have found someone who ‘understands’ her.‘It’s so nice to be in love’, she said in a chat with Amel Rachedi while being interviewed for her YouTube channel.‘It’s wicked, it’s so nice to just be in love, it brings out new parts of your personality when you really are seen by somebody and respected by somebody’, she continued, unable to speak highly enough of her other half.‘I think it allows you to push yourself further, you know, it feels like ok, finally there’s somebody in this world that understands me, and we have this amazing soul connection.’The Clown hitmaker went on to share that her relationship with Yoana and starting to live as her true self has ‘changed my life’.She called the process ‘beautiful’ and said her partner ‘inspires me every day’.Continuing to shower Yoana with praise, she added: ‘She’s a really phenomenal musician, she’s just out of this world, so I know I’ll always be learning from her.‘I’ll always have that inspiration, and also her dedication to music is just incredible, so you know I think that’s something we understand with one another, that we’re both so devoted to music.’On how they came to get together, the Read All About It songstress said she was just ‘out and about’ and not really on the hunt for anything serious, but ‘there she came’ and it feels like ‘the universe brought us together’.‘I can’t wait to enjoy the rest of our days.’ Man Utd board split after Erik ten.