Dwyane Wade is speaking out against transgender hate. ET’s Lauren Zima spoke to the former basketball star and proud father about standing up for his courageous daughter, Zaya Wade, at the  100 Gala in New York City Wednesday night.«That’s all we talk about it, just her courage.

First, to even have the conversation with her father, with her family, at eight years old,» Wade shared. «I look at her, and I’m 40 years old and I don’t even think I’m as courageous as she is.

I think we all want to get to that place where we’re living the life that we always dreamed of, or we’re being the people that we always wanted to be, and it’s no different from her.»He added, «Even though the conversation shifts about her gender and her sexuality, but it’s the same thing, we’re all striving to get to the same place.