GaySA Radio is a registered Non-Profit organisation NPO 181-316.

It is run by volunteers who sacrifice their time and talent to bring you this unique internet radio station.

Make a donation towards GaySA Radio’s running costs.

It costs us around ZAR 30,000 (USD 2,300) per month to do the basics (we do not yet pay salaries but would love to.)

We need ZAR 2m (USD 145,000)  to buy a property and ZAR 600,000 (USD 45,000) to equip professional studios.

 You can also donate minimum $ 100/£ 100/EUR 100 / ZAR 1,500 towards the GAY FLAG PROJECT.

 Bank deposit:

Company Name: GaySA Radio Thando

Bank: First National Bank

Branch code: 251037

Acc Number: 626 9618 3624Account Type: Cheque

Donate Via BackaBuddy

Donate Via Payfast

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