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Donald Trump‘s family tree could have looked very different. In Jared Kushner‘s soon-to-be released book, Breaking History: A White House Memoir, the dad-of-three recounted his and now-wife Ivanka Trump‘s relationship, revealing his father-in-law used intimidation tactics of sorts to try and dissuade him from popping the question.


After two years of dating, Kushner, 41, began discussing the proposal with the former POTUS, explaining that the blonde beauty, 40, was going to convert to his religion of Judaism.

“I could feel my voice shake as I managed to say that Ivanka and I were getting more serious and that she was in the process of converting,” he writes, per a published excerpt. Trump’s response? “Well, let me ask you a question. Why does she have to convert? Why can’t you convert?”


Kushner replied by noting it was Ivanka’s decision, to which Trump, 76, countered by proudly reminding him that NFL superstar Tom Brady still had his eyes on the model, so he better step up his game.


AsOK! has shared, Kushner and the businessman weren’t on the best of terms, as when Kushner’s publication, The New York Observer, released their annual Power List, the Apprentice host didn’t even crack the top 20, ranking at No. 38.


In 2020, Brady was asked about a potential romance between him and Ivanka, but he played down the buzz.

“That was a long time ago in my life,” he told Howard Stern. “No … [we never] dated or anything like that.”

In the end, Ivanka and Kushner walked down the aisle in 2009, which coincidentally, is the same year the athlete wed Gisele Bündchen.

Kushner and the former White House senior advisor share daughter Arabella, 11, as well as sons Joseph, 8, and Theodore, 6.

Last summer, it was reported that the parents-of-three were trying to distance themselves from the business guru.

“This sounds like a rehab tour on the part of Jared and Ivanka,” said journalist Jim Acosta. “They want to rehabilitate their image somewhat, because as you and I both know, they’re just not as welcome in polite society as they once were.”