press release. “I’m willing to do my part to try and keep as many of them as I can as healthy and safe as possible.”Related: Dolly Parton reveals who she’d like to play her in a biopicThis is not the first time she has made a big donation toward medical research.

She has made several donations to Vanderbilt before, including in 2020, when she donated $1million toward developing a vaccine against Covid.That research led to the development of the Moderna vaccine, later approved for use around the world.According to a news release from the Vanderbilt, Parton’s money will help fund research to understand how viruses and bacteria cause disease, understand and prevent antibiotic resistance, prevent and treat infections, diagnose and treat infections in children with cancer, and examine the impact of childhood infections throughout the world.“Dolly’s previous support to infectious disease research, and also our pediatric cancer program, has already saved countless lives,” said Dr.

Jeff Balser, president and CEO of Vanderbilt University Medical Center and dean of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.“This new gift will bolster our defenses against future threats to the safety of this region and society as a whole.”Related: Dolly Parton reacts to Lil Nas X’s version of ‘Jolene’Besides donating to medical research, the singing legend is known for a range of philanthropic work.