Ron DeSantis is being criticized by some parents and lawmakers after he targeted a restaurant for hosting drag shows in the presence of children.One parent pointed out the DeSantis is being contradictory for allowing parents to choose whether their children should wear face masks, when health officials recommended to do so, during the highest peaks of the COVID-19 pandemic, but then interfering with parents’ choice to take children to see drag shows.”If I choose to bring my daughter to a drag show, [and] that business will be the one penalized for my choice.

I mean, I really don’t see the correlation,” Nicole Alvarez said, according to Local 10. “[DeSantis] has always expressed that parents have a right to choose for their children, that private businesses have a right to conduct business as they see fit.

Honestly, this is an overreach.”Alvarez’s comments come after the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco at the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation filed a complaint on Tuesday against R House, a restaurant and lounge in Miami’s Wynwood that has a gallery for art exhibits and a stage for shows.The division threatened to revoke R House’s liquor license for violating a state statute that it says deems the restaurant as a “nuisance” as it “manifestly injurious to the morals and manners of the people.”DeSantis defended the complaint against R House during a press conference on Wednesday in Tampa, Florida, saying “having kids involved in this is wrong.”Florida stands with parents to protect children.