Reddit post shared on the Am I The A**hole page, user u/Separate_Recipe explained that since his twin boys were seven he had kissed them on the forehead as they watched TV together and that it was one way they had forged strong father-son bonds with one another.The dad added he and his current wife—with who he now shares a 4-year-old daughter —married three years ago and that she saw him kiss his sons on the forehead multiple times.He added: “My kids are no longer living with us because they left for college, but they come to see me every now and then.”My boys are 20 now but they still like to put their heads on my chest while I wrap my arms around them, they do it every time they visit and I’m watching TV.”The dad then revealed his son Liam came out as gay two weeks ago and introduced him to his boyfriend and that he recently arrived back home for the first time since doing so.He continued: “My son visited me again last Wednesday (since he was here two weeks ago, so the first time ‘officially out’).

I was watching ‘Red’ with my daughter (she was on my left) then my son Liam arrived, he was tired and sat on my right, put his head on my shoulder while I wrap my arm around him, then I kissed his forehead and said, ‘good to have you back buddy.'”We went to sleep and the next day my wife told me that it made her feel uncomfortable (me hugging and kissing my son) and asked me not to do it again.

While she doesn’t mind me doing it with Lucas (my other son, straight) she doesn’t want me to do it with Liam.”I told her that she has no business being in my relationship with my sons, I also called her homophobic.