Casa Ruby’s bank accounts were frozen by a temporary restraining order issued by a judge in support of the attorney general of D.C.

Recently, the LGBTQ+ organization has been controversial for allegedly mismanaging public funds.D.C. Attorney general Karl Racine had sought a temporary restraining order against Casa Ruby to prevent its founder, Ruby Corado, from withdrawing or transferring funds in all accounts under the nonprofit’s name.

Corado is the only person authorized to access Casa Ruby’s bank or PayPal accounts, despite resigning as executive director last fall, according to court documents.“Casa Ruby’s operations suggest clear patterns of gross mismanagement and poor oversight of its programs and finances,” Racine said in a statement to The Advocate.“Instead of fulfilling its important mission of providing transitional housing and support to LGBTQ+ youth, Casa Ruby diverted hundreds of thousands of dollars in District grants and charitable donations from their intended purpose.”He also says Corado appears to have fled the country, withdrawn at least tens of thousands of dollars from the nonprofit, and failed to pay employees and vendors. “Upon hearing of the suspicious circumstances surrounding its collapse, our office immediately began investigating and is using our broad authority over District nonprofits to safeguard the organization’s assets and hold its leadership accountable,” Racine said.