The annual GauFestival, in its third rendition in 2018, aims to be Gauteng’s contribution to South Africa’s lively arts and culture scene, and this year’s programme promises something to suit anyone’s taste. Whether you’re looking for fine art and classical music, or children’s theatre and beer, this festival has it all.

What to expect

What makes the GauFestival unique is its collaboration with 14 venues in Tshwane that are sometimes poles apart: the South African State Theatre, the African Beer Emporium and even the Voortrekker Monument are just some of the venues where productions will be taking place.

In terms of the events and productions featured at the event, diversity is also the name of the game, with art exhibitions, music performances across numerous genres, food markets, and entertainment taking centre stage. This aligns with the GauFestival’s ethos of creating an umbrella for various art forms – with some added international flair – while being completely inclusive.

The Russian Orthodox Choir, the South African Military Tattoo, the Home Coming African Concert and monki punk pioneers Boo’s 21st Birthday are just some of the highlights you can expect when attending the GauFestival.

Where to get info

The 2018 GauFestival runs from 24 September to 7 October 2018 in Tshwane. If you’re famished for some soulfood, check out the GauFestival website for a complete programme, and like the GauFestival Facebook page to keep track of the events that are featured this year.