The Home We Carry is a photography project by artist Glenda Lissette, in which she lets the focus fall on the bodies and clothing of women, men and non-binary people from the Chicago arts scene.

As a bisexual woman of colour and an immigrant in America today, Lissette says that clothes have always been her sanctuary and the bricks she used to build a new home.

Speaking to PRIDE, Lissette explains that the project aims to highlight the complexities of people’s identities within a particular space.

“Ultimately, the goal with the series is to document the homes that we construct on our bodies, but I think the series is also looking at the relationship between body and land.”

We’ll be discussing The Home We Carry in Rainbow Talk, between 12:00 and 15:00 CAT on 30 January. Here are some of the portraits featured in the project.

Spencer Barry-Jenkins

Pidgeon Pagonis

Masood Haque


Nate Barksdale