Ginni Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, has had one hell of a week.It started with calls for her to be investigated by the January 6 committee after it was revealed she signed a letter saying 11 Oath Keepers who were arrested for seditious conspiracy “have done nothing wrong.” And it’s ending with a damning exposé published this morning by The New Yorker.Related: Clarence Thomas’ wife is probably about to go through some thingsThe bombshell piece was written by Jane Mayer and is titled “Is Ginni Thomas A Threat To The Supreme Court?” (Fun fact: Mayer is the same reporter who shared that pathetic video taken inside the lobby of Donald Trump‘s failing D.C.

hotel that went viral last year.)The article accuses the 64-year-old, who believes “transsexual fascists” are ruining America, of using her position as the wife of a Supreme Court Justice to enrich herself and advance the extreme far-right agendas of her friends and clients of her lobbying firm.It also reveals that, after flunking the bar exam in the mid 1980s, she joined a cult called Lifespring where members would routinely get together and fat shame one another in attempt to help each other lose weight.

Or something.Writes Mayer:Her parents helped get her a job with a local Republican candidate for Congress, and when he won she followed him to Washington.