criticized Pete Buttigieg for taking parental leave, saying, “The guy was not working! Because why? He was trying to figure out how to chest feed,” lampooning trans as well as gay people.

Boebert and other right-wingers tend to laud stereotypically gendered parental roles; a typical argument from opponents of marriage equality was that children needed a mother and a father, never two parents of the same gender.Just last week, Boebert put aside her disdain for the secretary, the first out Senate-confirmed Cabinet member,  and wrote a letter to him seeking a Department of Transportation grant for bridge construction in her district, even though she opposed President Biden’s infrastructure legislation, which established funding for the grant program.Both Buttigiegs have shown expertise in taking on homophobes.

In January, a man named Andre Kravchenko responded with an antigay slur to an Instagram post with the couple holding their children at the White House and wishing followers Happy New Year.