GaySA Radio is a unique multimedia radio branded online platform that reaches not only LGBTQ+ audiences in South Africa, but throughout the continent and the rest of the world. This is done not only through the radio-like live stream, but through the website, social media and a number of offline methods too.

As GaySA Radio is part of a whole new breed of emerging online media, not many people understand how it works. Media buyers in large advertising firms seem to stick with traditional media as they know it and understand how it works. So do their clients. By looking at how a media small online media company like GaySA Radio, it can become a bit clearer as to how it can work to an advertiser’s benefit. Because it is aimed at a very specific niche audience, it has the potential to deliver much more direct and measurable results.

But let’s look at one of GaySA Radio’s biggest clients so far and how they benefitted from exposure on our channels.

The National Department of Health ran the Phila Campaign, part of which was funded by international donor funding with the specific aim of reaching MSM (men who have sex with men). By the time they approached GaySA Radio, it was late in the campaign and they had not yet reached this hard to reach section of the population. They were urgently in need of a campaign that could deliver results, not only in terms of statistics to provide to funders, but awareness and change in behaviour regarding a number of health issues as directed by the overall campaign.

Their first priority was to get a commercial onto the GaySA Radio live stream. As they did not have one ready, GaySA Radio recorded the first ad which started flighting within days of the first meeting. This was eventually replaced when they had produced a new one.

This led to the first meeting with officials from the National DoH to figure out what was required, primarily in terms of reporting. DoH then appointed an agency called SADMON to deal with the details of the campaign. Team GaySA Radio readied a comprehensive proposal for a weekly three-hour show that would delve in detail into the issues the client wanted to raise. This ultimately resulted in a series called The Steam Room.

The Steam Room was a weekly show that tackled various topics, such as First Timers, Daytime Sex, Chemsex, Sex Clubs, Blood Donation and After 9’s. This show was scripted for approval before it’s various sections were recorded. Each episode featured not only interviews, tips and advice, but also dramatisations and contacts of organisations who can help.

Not only was this show broadcast in its three-hour format once a week for its season, but it was also podcast and made into YouTube videos, where they continue to be available on demand. This has meant that the original message still is available and the client is still getting the benefit, more than a year after the campaign has ended.

All of this content was extensively promoted via social media, and paid campaigns were used to alert the audience to the content and drive the Phila awareness campaign.

GaySA Radio supplied monthly reports to the client as per their specifications.

Here is what the client said when the campaign had ended:

“I need to credit you and your team for a job well done. I always appreciate people that have great passion. Your team is dedicated, disciplined which shows in the final product and growing numbers of GaySA Radio and The Steam Room Show. All this is possible because of your great leadership. It is a pleasure working with you.”

GaySA Radio can help you to tailor a campaign according to your needs and budget. Whether you are a large multinational corporation, a government department, or a large or small business, whether, from South Africa or the rest of the world, we can help your campaign reach our target audience. This, in turn, helps us to grow and reach even further, which is for the benefit of the LGBTQ+ community globally.

For more information, simply send us an email.