In Part 1 of this review, I was at the Raptor room to see new drag performer Eevee Kiddo. It did not go well.

I then minced around the block to the Zero21 Social Club to attend the performance of Morgan McMichaels, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 and  All Stars 3. She was supported by South African Drag Queens Ina Propriette (Wade Khoosal) and Emogen Moore, and the evening promised to be an amazing one! Luckily by this time, my tardy friend had arrived (he missed my first stop at The Raptor Room), but dressed in a black leotard and black leather jacket with demure make-up, certainly made up for it with his bubbling personality.

I had been to the Zero21 Social Club earlier in the week when I attended the first of two Pride Bookclub events, and I must say it is great to see this venue in Cape Town, which to my mind is leading the country with the most queer venues. (Good to see that Cape Town is living up to its reputation as queer capital of Africa!) In Pretoria, we only have three queer venues left, two bars and a nude bar, so it becomes a bit boring when deciding where to go out. At least Cape Town seems spoilt for choice and I will be exploring more venues here in the next few days.

Anyways, I was very excited to see Ms McMichaels on stage, as I had missed the other RuPaul queens who have been steadily making their way to our shores. She started the evening posing for pics with some guests, and then got ready for the show.

Even though the fabulous Manila von Teez was in attendance and did briefly hop onto stage with Morgan, she was not on the program for the evening. The two local drag queens, whom I had never seen perform before, was amazing. Ina Propriette was everything the drag performer I had seen earlier that evening at another venue was not. Ms Propriette was stylish, beautifully dressed with great costume changes mid-act, a slick performer who knows her stuff. She made use of projections which worked really well and her performances got the crowd excited. Unfortunately, with a standing crowd and a low stage, the death drops and antics on the stage floor was lost to most of the crowd.

Cape Town Drag Performer Ina Propriette (picture from her Facebook page)

Emogen Moore is a sassy performer who does not hold back, and she can “gooi!” I really loved her brashness and in-your-face attitude, a big girl who is in touch with her body and not shy to display it for all to see.

Cape Town drag performer Emogen Moore (picture from her Facebook page)

As for Ms McMichaels, I must admit to being a tad disappointed. She performed just a few songs and did something I am not a fan of, namely to go into the audience. She even performed down the stairs where practically nobody could see her. While she did do some acrobatics to wild cheering from the crowd, the majority of her act consisted of phoning other Drag Race queens who mostly did not answer her calls. Surely if you are going to make international calls during a show, you should alert them to it?

RuPaul Drag Race winner of season 2 and All Stars 3, Morgan McMichaels

Looks like the crowd thoroughly enjoyed the show though, even though it ended kind of abruptly after several failed phone calls. What did become clear was that another Drag Racer is on her way to SA next month, and it seems to be Shea Coulee.

Drag certainly seems alive and well in Cape Town, and there are some fabulous queens here who can give the internationals arun for their money. I wonder when we will see our local talent invited to an intrnetaional RuPaul’s Drag Race? My money is on Manila for the win!