Big Brother experience. ET’s Denny Directo spoke to Ameerah the day after her eviction from the house, and she admitted was was «shocked» to be put on the block.«Once I was put on the block, I assumed that I was a backdoor,» she told ET. «I was so confused as to who was working with Turner… There [were] definitely some weird conversations happening in the house.

I just saw people around me that don’t usually speak to each other, talking and whispering. I was like, ‘Whoa, why are they talking?

I haven’t seen them talking any of these weeks, so why are they all of a sudden talking? Why are they whispering the day that I’m supposed to be getting saved?’ Everyone was promising me, and so I knew that was weird.»What Ameerah didn’t know then was that a new alliance had formed between Turner, Kyle, Joseph, Monte, Brittany, Michael and Taylor, who began calling themselves The Leftovers.«I feel most betrayed by Monte, Kyle, and Michael, because they were the members of the Po’s Pact, and the Po’s Pact was the alliance that we were supposed to go to the end with,» Ameerah explained. «They were consistently telling me we were good to go, we’re going to the end, we’re great.