has approved the legislation, but it is stalled in the Senate.The statement also notes that Pride flags will be flown at Cabinet agencies and U.S.

embassies around the world, a marked difference from the previous administration, which limited their display.The full statement follows:This Pride Month, the Administration will be focused on spotlighting the voice of LGBTQI+ people across America, especially our LGBTQI+ children and families.The President had made clear that the proliferation of hateful and discriminatory bills are simply legislation disguised as bullying.These bills are targeting kids in classrooms and families in their homes, which is why this Pride Month we will be focused on protecting, uplifting, and supporting LGBTQI+ children and families.You can expect to see:• The President, Vice President, White House, and Cabinet reiterating calls on Congress to pass the Equality Act, and championing full freedom and equality for LGBTQI+ people at home and around the world. • Agencies across the federal government and U.S.

embassies around the world will raise Pride flags to celebrate our commitment to equality.• Cabinet Members meeting with LGBTQI+ families and community members.• The White House laser-focused on fighting back against the onslaught of anti-LGBTQI+ legislation we’re seeing in the states and spotlighting the importance of celebrating all families.President Biden has always been a champion for families – and that includes LGBTQI+ families.