Eric Cervini leading a discussion with four LGBTQ luminaries about Peter Staley’s memoir Never Silent: ACT UP and My Life in Activism, you know there’s a lot to unpack there.From a closeted Wall Street trader diagnosed with AIDS in the ’80s, Staley went on to become one of the foremost HIV activists of all time, advancing the cause of HIV/AIDS funding and treatment in brilliant acts of defiance that captured public attention.After filming the conversation, we popped a few extra behind-the-scenes questions for guests: podcaster Mike Balaban, Autostraddle cofounder Riese Bernard, trans activist and coach Blossom C.

Brown, and author/screenwriter Abdi Nazemian.Happy Pride! How are you celebrating this year?Balaban: As I relocated from NYC to San Diego during COVID and Pride will be celebrated almost normally this year for the first time since 2019, I intend to participate in a variety of San Diego Pride-related events.

But, true to my Manhattan roots, I’ll also be returning to NYC and participating in Stonewall 53 during the last week in June.Nazemian: My brilliant husband Jonathon Aubry and his team at Aubry and Co.