In the wake ofAzealia Banks’ bizarre meltdown during the Wynwood Pride concert on Friday, which ended with her storming off stage, the New York rapper has taken to Instagram to rant about the conditions of the event.Banks, 31, had performed just four songs from her headlining set,with her breasts fully exposed, when she began to go off about how organizers and promoters kept changing her call times.’I’m really not happy to be here.

I’m trying y’all, but it’s difficult. I really don’t wanna f**king be here,’ she told fans, just before her microphone was cut off, which prompted boos and jeers from the crowd.

Ranting: Azealia Bank, 31, took to Her Instagram page to rant about the conditions of theWynwood Pride concert on Friday, as well as the promoters who she says breached their contract by changing start timesIt turns out, Banks had a long list of complaints about the event, beginning with the time of year the LGBTQ music festival is held.’Miami, we need to have a real discussion.