“I’m usually extremely closed off due to everything that’s happened to me, but when I feel safe, I talk a lot and many people feel overwhelmed, but instead of just letting me know that I’m being too much, they run away or disappear.

That gives me a feeling of inadequacy like I’m not supposed to be close to people and should just be forever alone.” —B”The reality is that I felt comfortable enough with them to info dump when I was too self-conscious to get excited about it in front of other people.”—hrachelrodgers98—khrushchev”Your autistic significant other will still have limits and quirks, they may just be more specific or different than neurotypicals.

Be respectful and caring, because we’re people like you, not aliens.”—Anonymous “We do not expect you to eat the same five things with us — so understand that sometimes that means that we’ll be eating different things.” —Anonymous —Nome—Will”Can I have maybe more than a week to get to know you and get comfortable around you before you try to climb me?