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Back Trax 10: Somewhere over the Rainbow Flag

Written by on 12 November 2021

With all the celebrations going on currently for Pride month I thought is important to also reflect on past events in gay culture and moments that makes one feel proud and empowered to be different. At the openings of the gay games of 2006, Suzanne Westenhoefer an American comedian give these inspiring words “We don’t […]

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Back Trax 12: Summer vibing, had me a blast!

Written by on 7 November 2021

Imagine a warm summer afternoon laying on a beach towel in your bathing costume and favourite cocktail in hand complete with fruits on the rim and mini umbrellas to boot. With your one eye peeping over your “shades” now and then just in case a cute boy or girl was to swim or strolls past […]

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Back Trax 11: Things that go Bump, Grind & Scream in the night

Written by on 31 October 2021

In honour of American holiday old Hallows eve, the tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. In this episode we had a look at “chills” but the opposite of relaxing, rather down the spine. Packed with 3 quizzes ranged from Film […]

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OutLoud S3/E65 – Singer/Songwriter Brooklyn Doran

Written by on 20 October 2021

It’s the season 3 finale! We’re ending on a super high note with an expanded episode conversation with Toronto recording artist Brooklyn Doran. We get into the details about creating music, her latest release “F*** That Guy’, the incredible story of her song ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ celebrating the life of her friend Andrew, Punk Rock […]

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Back Trax 9: Turn up the Good Feels!

Written by on 17 October 2021

Sometimes one just wants to pack up your troubles in your own kit bag and smile. According to research done by Harvard Medical School, music can have a myriad of positive effects on the brain, from keeping people relaxed during medical procedures to improving exercise endurance. In short, when you’re feeling blue, a happy song […]

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Back Trax 8: Once upon a Tune

Written by on 10 October 2021

Aminated movies are among the best family entertainment out there with most of them adding to the sing-along and dance songs enjoyed by generations. In fact, picking a favourite from the very best songs can be a daunting task – from the classic tunes that have stood the test of time, and newer songs are […]

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