Related: Log Cabin Republicans endorsed some of the most anti-LGBTQ politicians running for officeFounded during the Weimar Republic in 1921 by a politically conservative Jewish man, Max Naumann, the organization lasted into the early years of Nazi Germany.

Naumann was closely aligned with the politics of German national conservatism: a nationalist variety of conservatism, which promoted upholding national and cultural identity by emphasizing traditional cultural and so-called “family values” while opposing immigration.The organization, though never accumulating great numbers of members, was very active and it was supported by some wealthy and established German Jews.

Eligible for membership were “Germans of Jewish descent,” who, while openly acknowledging their descent, nevertheless felt so completely rooted in German culture and Wesen [essence, character] that they could not but think and feel as Germans.The Association’s chief goal was to achieve the total assimilation of Jews into the German national community through the self-extinction of Jewish identity.