Ian Gordon, Stephen Evans, William Bartram and Meirion Bowen respond to Archbishop Justin Welby’s affirmation that gay sex is a sin

On 7 June 2003 Gene Robinson becomes the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal church of the US; on 3 August 2022 Archbishop Justin Welby “affirms validity” of the 1998 Lambeth declaration that homosexual relationships are incompatible with scripture (Justin Welby ‘affirms validity’ of 1998 gay sex is sin declaration, 2 August). The Gospel accounts of Christ’s life and ministry proclaim the supremacy of love and nowhere mention same-sex relationships; this is apparently not enough for the archbishop. That he also stated that churches that conduct and bless same-sex marriages and partnerships would not be “disciplined or excluded” shows just how far much of the Anglican communion has lost its way.
Ian Gordon
Folkestone, Kent

• The affirmation that gay sex is a sin will cause much consternation, including among many Anglicans who recognise the suffering that this regressive position has inflicted on gay people. The position also sits uncomfortably with the Church of England’s established status. The church is entitled to its dogma. But equally, the nation should be entitled to a separation of church and state. The church’s privileged position in British political and public life is an absurdity.
Stephen Evans
Chief executive, National Secular Society

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