And Just Like That has just offered some very candid remarks about the new show to her followers.Samantha Irby penned the teleplay for the fifth episode of And Just Like That‘s inaugural season.

She also sends out a newsletter to followers offering them her take on current events and entertainment.Related: More bad news for ‘And Just Like That; actor Chris NothIrby encourages her readers to share her newsletter with others, which is exactly what a reader did for us.

And, let’s just say, we weren’t quite prepared for her, shall we say, frank discussion.“i have to admit that i’m a little broken,” Irby writes in her newsletter, avoiding use of capitol letters for some reason. “i don’t think i understood, when offered the opportunity to work on a show whose VHS tapes were my constant companion when i was 19, the enormity of what i was saying to.”“i obviously understood that the show had a major cultural impact and was beloved across a wide spectrum of people, but i was not ready for the magnitude of…………….discourse there would be?