her Jeopardy! success has afforded her on Sunday when she received an ovation at an NBA game.The engineering manager was among the crowd cheering on Golden State Warriors, who hosted Cleveland Cavaliers at their new home at the Chase Center in San Francisco.And as home fans welcomed back Klay Thompson after a more than two-year injury absence, they also celebrated the presence of special guest Schneider, whose record-breaking Jeopardy!

run continues to captivate fans.Schneider, who has been based in nearby Oakland for several years after relocating from her native Ohio, watched as the Warriors secured a 96-82 victory.

It was Schneider’s first visit to the venue.”It is unbelievable I hadn’t made it to the Chase Center yet with the pandemic and I’ve been wanting to, coming on this day has just been amazing,” she told local ABC affiliate KGO-TV.Sporting a Steph Curry jersey at the game, Schneider went on to inform the outlet that she was a Warriors fan before the team rose to become a dominating force.”He’s the reason I got into the warriors in the first place, I got out to the Bay Area in 2009 I didn’t have an NBA team,” she explained.Schneider has made history since her Jeopardy!