Twitter to adding the title.This felt like a massive win, and proof that my campaigning for non-binary inclusivity is working.Argos were actually the brand who inadvertently started my campaign, Include Mx, which made the moment particularly special.

The campaign celebrates brands that include the gender-neutral title Mx, and encourages those that don’t, to add the title.I did this because, back in the fairly early days of the pandemic – when we all started relying more heavily on online delivery of household items – I had to buy some bits from Argos.

But their form only had ‘Mr’, ‘Mrs’, ‘Miss’, ‘Ms’ and ‘Dr’, and it required you to select a title.It’s never a nice experience being forced into misgendering yourself – I knew this more than most.I realised I was non-binary in 2017, at the tail end of my quarter life crisis.