Facebook video posted Saturday. She had not heard about any zoning issues until she had a “very threatening meeting” with members of the village government last Thursday, where officials also expressed concerns about public resources being used to protect UpRising.

The business has been hosting events since it opened in November and relies on them to generate income, she said.“I feel like this is discrimination and a conspiracy to interfere with my business,” Sac said. “Unfortunately, when the attention waned from all the hate this week, they shifted gears and started victim-blaming me after we were attacked by a known domestic terrorist who committed hate crimes against us just one week ago.”The business was vandalized in July after it announced it would be hosting a drag brunch.

Windows were smashed and graffiti was painted on the building, including messages such as “groomers,” “fags rape kids,” and “Christ is king.” Sac initially said the event would go on, but she eventually canceled it because of safety concerns.