that she’s seen brilliant trans roles written into and then cut out of scripts after producers were left ‘timid’ over the decision to include them.‘Things are definitely getting better,’ she explained. ‘I think there are more roles for trans people out there and we’re creating our own stuff now which is good.

I think writers are definitely getting bolder – I’m getting more scripts now with trans characters in, and writers are also getting good at saying, “Hey, we want a trans person to come on and help us shape this.” ‘And also something that this country’s particularly good at – I go up for trans roles and cis[gender] roles, mainly cis roles actually.

It’s really good now that casting assistants and casting directors are getting trans actors in for cis parts. We’re not just getting stuck in a rut.‘Where I’d like to see it go – first of all, representation doesn’t help with stuff like equal rights, or reforming the NHS.