A new study revealed that the majority of Britons are supportive of trans equality. According to a report by More in Common, over 5,000 people surveyed said that trans rights were not a divisive topic in the country.

The report also revealed that 46% of people accept that trans women are women and trans men are men – with 32% disagreeing and 22% undecided. “Most people’s instinct is ‘live and let live’ – they believe trans people should be respected, supported and given the space to make their own choices,” the report said. “They want respect, compromise and a give and take approach to underpin how we navigate gender identity issues.” Regarding education, the study found that 30% of people think that trans topics should be discussed in primary schools, and 33% said they should be talked about in secondary schools.

A majority of the Britons surveyed also believe that schools should implement policies that fight against bullying as a whole.