YouTube has provided an important and necessary platform for the trans community to get their message out. Never before has it been so easy to learn about transgender and non-binary people – something that would seem cardinal in a socio-political climate where trans individuals are the most at-risk part of the LGBTQI+ community, both in terms of discrimination and of violence.

With their channels, these five YouTubers create important educational resources to trans people just coming to terms with their gender identity, trans individuals looking to find out more about the transition process, and to straight and cis people who want to learn more about trans issues – and they’re also really entertaining to watch.

1. Jammidodger

British YouTuber Jamie Raines has been documenting his transition from female to male since 2012, and has amassed a following of close to 300,000 subscribers in the seven years since – and created a treasure trove of resources for anyone that is interested in everything related to the trans experience. Jamie’s channel regularly features his fiancé, Shaaba, whom he is set to marry next year.


Julie Vu’s Youtube following of more than 500,000 speaks for itself, as does an Instagram subscriber list of 110,000. This Canadian MTF model has made videos of her transition since she started, and represented her country at the world’s largest transgender pageant, Miss International Queen, held in Thailand in March this year. She is an outspoken activist, and doesn’t shy away from discussing the more personal issues related to being a post-op trans woman.

3. Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous came out as trans in 2013, and has been gathering millions of Youtube followers ever since. Giselle Loren Lazzarato is a Canadian activist and beauty influencer, and her channel regularly features fashion and beauty news, and also documents her life with her wife, billionaire heiress Nats Getty, whom she married in July this year.

4. Aujay’s Love

Aubrey and Jayceon are a US trans couple. Their channel provides interesting insight into the relationship experience of two trans people, and also gives us a glimpse into the black trans experience. You’ll find useful gems of information here, and you’ll love Jayceon and Aubrey.

5. TheRealAlexBertie

Alex is one of the most popular FTM transgender YouTubers on the platform, and regularly shares snippets of his life with his 300,000 subscribers. Expect channels that will pique your interest, like “The Quest to Alex’s Beard”, and find out everything you need to know about trans men.