Of course, we want you to delve into the GaySA Radio podcast archives to check out some great content you might have missed, but here are five podcasts to tune into when you’re not listening to us.

1. Making Gay History

Digging into the archives, Making Gay History features interviews with the people that pioneered the LGBTQ movements that made our own (relatively) liberal society possible. Eric Marcus provides a penetrating and perceptive look to those of use who weren’t there to witness the change as it happened.

2. Nancy

Tobin Low and Kathy Tu are best friends and co-hosts of this insightful and often touching podcast. Low and Tu talk about everything from queer entertainment stories to the dynamics of coming out in the workplace. This is queer storytelling at its best.


If pop and celebrity culture is your thing, you’ll love Jeffery Masters interviewing film and television personalities from the LGBTQ+ community. They’re relatable, and their stories from behind the scenes make for great party anecdotes.

4. Unscrewed

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Unscrewed features discussions about the culture and politics of sex, and Jaclyn Friedman also answers sex-related questions from listeners.

5. Homo Sapiens

OMG it’s Will Young! This former Pop Idol winner teams up with his friend Christopher Sweeney to bring us, as they call it, “Radio 4’s Women Hour for an LGBTQ+ audience”. This podcast is light and quintessentially British, and also sometimes features celebrity guests.