normadeguerre”I’ve literally just made an account so I could comment on this! Her slow realisation that she liked Maggie as more than a friend, and the support she received from her family and friends was incredible.

Watching her grow and become confident in her own skin was beautiful, and it was so well-handled (even if the rest of the show became a bit of a train wreck)!”—tarajay93″The moment where she was talking to Kara and she was breaking down how she felt really connected with the closeted gay girl inside me.”—gracemartinez2700″Her storyline was great because it was so realistic – she had to come out multiple times to different people.

The scene with her parents was so emotional – you can see how her whole manner changed once they accepted her as she was.”–hanifahrahman”She gave me the courage to come out as bisexual to my parents last summer after putting it off for five years.