Honestly, I had no idea LGBTQ+ couples could have children outside of adopting. Seeing two women have a child together in a more traditional way would’ve blown my mind and really showcase how queer couples can have children the same way straight people can.Listen, I’m so sorry to bring down the mood so early in the post, but, as someone who doesn’t have a relationship with their parents solely because of my identity, this speech would’ve helped my younger self be more prepared when it comes to dealing with bigotry from the people who are supposed to love you the most.This was such a sweet way for Patrick to come out.

He was so proud of his relationship even when he was absolutely terrified about how his parents would react. But, that still didn’t stop him from living his truth.

I only wish my baby gay self could’ve seen such a tremendously brave act. I lovedddddd watching cartoons when I was younger.