Kari explores the aftermath of an attempted suicide by Kari, the protagonist, and her lover Ruth. This dark and gritty novel explores the themes of love and loneliness and is set against the backdrop of recession and the horrifying terrorist attacks of 2008.You can get the hardcover here.At the outset, Heartstopper may seem like your usual romance between Charlie, an openly gay but awkward British teenager, and his jock classmate, Nick.

However, what makes their story worth celebrating is the freshness with which Oseman approaches romantic tropes. A delightful and charming take on teen romance, this book will leave you gushing.You can get the paperback here.Fun Home is Bechdel’s memoir that brilliantly explores her relationship with her father, a closeted homosexual, and touches upon various themes surrounding mental health and sexual identities.

You can get the paperback here.Are You My Mother? is the sequel to Fun Home and explores Bechdel’s relationship with her mother.