Fortunately, there is no shortage of movies featuring tear-inducing moments between fathers and their kids. So before the big day, watch any of these 16 movies and you will be guaranteed to appreciate your old man and give him the love that he deserves on his big day.Spoilers below. Click is secretly the saddest father-son film ever made thanks to one heartbreaking scene where Michael (Adam Sandler) uses his magical, reality-warping remote control to visit the final time he saw his father Ted (Henry Winkler) before he died.

To his horror, Michael realizes that his last conversation with his dad included him blowing off having dinner with him and brutally telling his dad that he always knew the secret to his iconic coin trick.

Workaholic Michael doesn’t even respond when his dad tells him that he loves him! It’s the exact type of tragic ending every son fears they will have with their dad, especially anyone whose relationship with their father has been built on repression.Rent it on Prime Video.After Tyler (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) is sentenced to life in prison for murdering his girlfriend Alexis (Alexa Demie), his family struggles to reconcile with this reality.